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The last months of the year are all about binge eating since it is the holiday season. But when a person is on a ketogenic diet, is it right to give up this diet for the meantime? Sometimes, it is important to join the family and not be the antisocial person in the party just because he or she is on a diet.

A Reddit forum page discussed about this question.

“Would it be that much of a setback to ease myself out of keto, still eating low-carb but not keto for the trip? The whole thing would be for less than a week, then I fully intend to jump back into keto. Or would it be that bad for my progress?” one user in the forum asked.

A response was published sharing about how the user still eat the meals on keto. The user said that “totally turning off” the diet is risky, because it can turn into “I’ll start again tomorrow” when the diet is given up during the holidays.

Meanwhile, a mom blogger Dana Haddox-Wright also shared about managing the holiday season during a ketogenic diet.

“Having a child on the ketogenic diet can be a challenge during the holidays. It is important to include them in our traditions as much as possible, even if their meals are much smaller than everyone else’s. Infusing keto meals with the holiday spirit requires a lot of thought, but it is not impossible,” Haddox-Wright wrote in the website.

Using the HealthyWiser ketone strips on the holidays

HealthyWiser’s ketone strips can be used when people are watching over their food intake during the holidays. These ketone and glucose strips can measure ketone levels while a person is on vacation.

These ketone and glucose strips are offered on Amazon with various packages depending on the needs. They can provide customers with accurate and reliable results when testing ketone levels. Made with high quality materials, the ketone and glucose strips by HealthyWiser are packaged inside a neat container that is very portable anywhere.

About the company

HealthyWiser has been providing products in the 21st century for personal health, wellness, and beauty. This company is a reputable name in the United States market that also offers pH test strips, digital pH meter, water testing kits, personal nail care system and more. For more information about the ketone meter strips, visit their Amazon page.

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