January 26, 2013 — Short Code Service has become one of the dominant services in India and across the world. It is used by campaigners, advertisers, marketers, etc. to forward information about their firm or cause to people through SMS. However, promotional SMS is not allowed beyond a limit in India. This is where a short code provider like aoneSMS is required. Such service providers allow automated messages to be sent to users whenever a message is received from them. Thus, marketing and advertisement agencies do not have to dedicate manpower to respond to users.

AONESMS has become one of the leading providers of short code SMS and similar functions. Its services are supported by all the telecommunication operators in India, which means largest coverage and reach. There are no limits to the number of messages that can be received on behalf a person or company who purchases the service. Consequently, there are no limits to the number of messages generated as response to the received messages. AONE also allows creation of sub-keywords of the main keyword as well as creation of different messages for every sub-keyword to be sent as reply. AONESMS sends alert to clients who choose to receive alerts. Alerts can also be sent through emails, if chosen by the client, who can use different email Ids for different keywords. AONESMS has online control panel to generate complete report on clients’ numbers, time, operators’ name and operators’ circle, which are sorted by date. Clients may also request for the incoming messages to be sent to servers or applications. More features can be found at aonesms.com

AONESMS short code provider, Delhi, India has the provision of reselling too. The short code reseller programme initiated by it allows clients to offer all its services to resell to another client with the same brand-name. The transaction involves no capital expenditure. Resellers provide all services of AONESMS under their own brand. Additional services like domain registration, API configuration, etc. are also offered by its sibling website.

The cost of short codes is fair and affordable. The price starts at INR 3,499 and reaches as far as INR 9,999. Short code pricing is formulated according to requirements of different industries and clients. Bulk SMS is priced differently. It ranges from INR 3000 to INR 32,000. Such cheap short code packages ensure that the service of AONESMS are not only available for corporate but for small and medium-sized enterprises too. Some of the clients that are worth getting mentioned are Magie, Coke, Revital, Toyota, SBI, Barclays, Honda, Asian Paints, etc.

Some of the 5 Digit Premium Short Codes available are:
57333 – Rs 3499
56161 – Rs 4499
53030 – Rs 9999
56767 – Rs 4499

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Website: http://www.aonesms.com/short_code.html

AONESMS is one of India’s premiere service providers for short codes for SMS and bulk SMS. The services of the company have good features and its prices are affordable too. The company is based in one of premiere locations in Delhi, the capital of India.