Shipito is a website that let’s anyone shop at online US stores from any location in the world. The website offers shopping address in usa so that anyone can shop at such US stores as Macy’s, WalMart,Nordstrom or many more.

Many people who live outside the US would like to shop at US stores but can’t for a variety of reasons. Many US stores only accept US credit cards and some won’t ship to certain international addresses. This website solves those problems. You can shop in any U.S. store and have packages mailed to your new Shipito address. You can even use multiple addresses available in all Shipito warehouses and even shop internationally.

It’s that simple. Shipito is like having a US cousin who will order the products, accept shipment and then send the products to the customer. The company’s distribution center is located in Torrance ,California and once they receive the products they will email the customer to let them know that the products have arrived and are being shipped. Having a warehouse presence in the US ensures that the products can be purchased, received and shipped very simply.

How much does it cost ?

If you ship just one package it will cost you from $2.50 + postage shipping cost. They offer INDIVIDUAL PACKAGES plan and VIRTUAL MAILBOX plan. See full info under Our Services & Prices.

To learn more, interested individuals can visit the website at

2972 Columbia St.,
Torrance, CA 90503 USA