Shivani Surve loses diamond ring worth 3 lakhs during her shoot



Shivani Surve, a popular TV actress, who is playing the lead role in Star Plus’s show Jana Na Dil Se Door is in a fix. The actor has been shooting back to back without any breaks. For a particular sequence Shivani used her own set of diamond ring which was her first ever expensive gift given by her mother. Unfortunately the young actress misplaced the ring while shooting and this created panic on the sets for a long time.  Although the entire unit looked for the ring for hours but unfortunately none could find it.


“It was a rain sequence and it has been raining a lot in Mumbai. We chose to shoot in natural rains than creating an artificial one. During one of the rain sequence Shivani lost her diamond ring which she realized quite late. By that time the entire unit had packed up and lights were pulled off. For the next 2 hours we searched the entire set using torches but could not find her ring”, says a source from the sets.


Shivani was quite sad a lot the loss as it was the most important and expensive gift given to her by her mother. Although she looked for it the next day as well but could just not find it.


Atul Malikram


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