The time has come for to offer international car shipping ! This is huge progress for the company, and is going to be helpful to people worldwide. We have read hundreds and hundreds of complaints from people who were moving across seas or even to the other end of the world and were out of luck when they wanted to ship their vehicles to their new home! They won’t be out of luck anymore.

Because of various licensing restrictions and visa issues, shipping your car internationally can be quite a hassle. It is much more difficult than simply shipping your car across state lines. However, just because it is more difficult, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. ShipYourCarNow has already had hundreds of success stories with helping people get their cars from one country to another.

Do to the difficult nature of international car shipping, we do not recommend attempting to figure out all of the paperwork by yourself. This is where comes in. Customer service is available twenty four hours a day and three hundred sixty five days a year, which is amazing! This way, no matter where in the world you are, somebody from the company is available at the snap of your fingers to set up a shipping date or assist with the lengthy and confusing paperwork that comes with international shipping.

The staff at will walk you through every step of the process. They know how confusing and frustrating the paperwork can be. As if you need any more headaches when you are moving to another country! They are available by any way of communication that is easiest for you. If you aren’t a computer person, no problem! Give the customer service number a call and somebody on the other end will walk you through whatever problem you are having as quickly or slowly as you need. On the other ha,d if you hate talking on the phone, jump on your computer and instant message a customer service representative as soon as you get on the site. If you are busy at work and done have a chunk of time to sit down at the computer and instant message, shoot customer service an email and you can have an email conversation at your own pace! Whatever way of communication is easiest for you will be accommodated by the customer service team.

No questions is a stupid questions, and the customer service team will work tirelessly until your entire international move is completed with you driving your car happily on the other end. The customer service teams vast experience with international shipping policies pertaining to cars will be of great advantage to you when they work on the specifics of your case. The team is great at coming up with multiple ways to address and individual problem and allowing you to choose the option that works for you.

Prices vary for international shipping, and as expected it is more expensive than domestic shipping. Keep in mind, however, that it is certainly LESS expensive than buying an entirely new car once you have relocated to your new country. Call one of our customer service reps today so that they can take your information and give you a free quote on international car shipping.

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