It has been reported that one of the biggest concerns of the modern day men is aging. Women and men all alike are trying out everything they can to stop the clock. Aging in this case includes not only the outer looks like skin and hair but also the internal bodily system like memory, rejuvenation, and other major attributes that comes with the dawn of aging.


The shilajitclassic Ayurvedic Medicine has been welcomed by the senior adults with open arms. The milder form of medication has been hailed by users for the none existent side affects that has been caused after prolonged usage. The anti aging elixir has also been popularly appreciated for the chemical free ingredients that have been used to reverse the clock.


Scientists are recently discovering the medicinal wonders that the shilajitcan do to the pathological and psychotropic well being of the individuals. The substance is basically blackish brown in color. The consistency of the sticky exudation varies and has the odor of cow urine. Derived from the rocky faces and crevices of a variety of formation in the mountains of the Himalayas of the country of Nepal.


Using an ancient series of methods, the substance is turned to powder. This preparation is not new to the area of Ayurvedic Medicine and has been used for a long time to treat different kinds of ailments. As per the Charaka Samhita, which is an ancient book on Ayurvedic Medicine, it has been said that there is no curable health problem that the substance cannot cure.


Recently, the English translation to this substance — Black Bitumen has become synonymous with health elixir. The Latin translation for this word is Asphaltum Panjainum. The derivation of the substance is sourced back to valuable minerals like that of gold, silver, iron, copper, lead and zinc. For more information please visit


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