08, May 2015: We are truly excited to present Shift — Augmented Games’ first real life, location based “Hunger Games” style game played through your mobile device. The game occurs in both the virtual and the real world while the player’s main goal is to physically hunt or escape from their opponent in the real world. Along with a rich social experience and smooth interaction between the players, there is no wonder why Shift is generating high interests among young crowds. Shift is currently available in US, Canada, UK and Israel. For WW launch we have initiated an Indiegogo campaign — refer to the bottom of page)

Team - (from left) Amir Eliasy, Dror Rejwan, Shachar Silbert

In Shift, the players have a virtual character and they can choose whether to expose their real identity or to stay anonymous. Shift will automatically set the game preferences like play zone and game duration to match games with other available players that are in the area. Players can also create private games that fit their own game style and invite their friends.

During the gameplay, players are exposed only to an approximate range where their opponents may be. In order to reveal their exact location, players need to engage and get physically closer to their opponent. To encourage players to act, they receive real-time intelligence about their opponent and their environment (e.g. — The hunter is on to you, you better run). Players are also able to interact by sending text messages and pictures.

The triumph is determined by the location, if the hunter succeeded to arrive physically to a reasonable distance (approximately 30yd) of the Escapee — he wins. If the escapee managed avoid being captured — he wins.

Shift is currently available for android users — Download here -

For Item release – please use the following link: http://ad.apps.fm/IVICcTacLu4cO7kImUzbG15KLoEjTszcQMJsV6-2VnHFDLXitVHB6BlL95nuoNYf6p45Z3oI3dXRjZMpTsMkhBvwmN2VTvjJj9jYIaN8sT4uXDDTiLJv8XUgXJYob9eREWuKctqcvcKA7tjx6eHpVw

About Us:

Being gaming fans, we found out that the mobile gaming industry is full of games, but many of them are “more of the same“. We figured out that Innovative new ideas are hard to deliver, due to the industry reaching maturity in the current genres, like casual/social games.

In 2014 we established Augmented Games, a mobile gaming company with a mission of creating outstanding games in the Augmented Reality genre — games that link a players’ virtual life with their real one. Company Co-founders: Dror Rejwan(CEO) , Amir Eliasy(CMO) and Shachar Silbert(CTO).

The startup company is working from one of the founders Garage in Tel-Aviv. To keep us up and running, and for launching Shift WW we have recently established crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo. We managed to raise more than 20% of our target in the first day.

For more details please contact: Amir Eliasy, +972-52-2656307