Shield your homes this monsoon with the perfect home solutions from Fenesta
FenestaWindows to protect your home from heavy rains by its exclusive Monsoon Guard Windows
New Delhi: Fenesta Building Systems, India’s largest windows company and a division of DCM Shriram Ltd. has a range of products for consumers to provide the finest comfort to their homes. Fenesta has an impeccable solution of windows, known as monsoon guard windows that help protect houses from rain as well as high velocity winds that lash Indian homes every monsoon.
Fenesta has responded to the challenge with two significant innovations: A ‘Hurricane Bar’ that withstands 245 kmph winds and a ‘Rain Track’ that prevents the ingress of rainwater.These unique monsoon-guard features (in the Fenesta Series 3000) are a vast improvement on the face drainage mechanism in conventional UPVC windows.
The face drainage mechanism in conventional UPVC windows is inadequate for heavy monsoons as the force of the wind pushes the rain water indoors.

To this effect, Fenesta modified its products and engineered the following innovations in them

o A Hurricane Bar that withstands 245 kmph
o A Rain track which is an elevated section clipped on the inside track of the window to function like a dam. It captures rain water and drains it out.
o Sill arrangement, a special system that prevents air pressure from pushing the rain water indoors by making it flow down vertically at some distance from the wall.
o Gradient slope which is a track at a downward slope of 5 degrees that ensures that the accumulated rain water flows out.

As a result, the windows are completely airtight and watertight.So besides adding those flourishes of elegance to interiors with their impeccable finish, Fenesta’s weather guard windows reduce maintenance to a great extent too.

Fenesta will soon be bringing to your homes a UPVC conservatory that would have glass on the roof which throws out all the heat thus keeping the heat inside very balanced. This conservatory will be the perfect corner of your house to enjoy the serene view of the rains with your family along with a hot cup of tea.