Toronto, CA; 27, October 2015: Massage therapy has been increasingly used by not just sports therapy and complementary medical practices but also internists and general practitioners to increase overall health and wellness in patients. Recent studies have shown the effectiveness of massage therapy in decreasing stress, reducing cortisol levels, and improving sleep. As winter approaches, so do injuries and illnesses One way to reduce the chance of injury and improve overall health, according to Sherway, is to schedule a monthly massage.

Massage Therapy

“Massage therapy has been used with great results on chronic pain sufferers and those who have sports injury,” says clinic owner Jelena Gusic, registered physical therapist. “What most people don't know is that massages also help in raising the immune system, improving sleep, and some tentative research suggests it may also help with weight loss. For many of our patients who are already in rehabilitation of some kind, having an extra session can be helpful.”

Further research into massage therapy is ongoing, but studies have also shown that massage therapy is helpful in improving:

- Myofascial pain
- Soft tissue injury
- Joint pain
- Headaches
- Fibromyalgia
- Insomnia
- Nerve pain
- Digestive issues
- Anxiety

The holiday and winter seasons are very stressful on the body, which is why Sherway Physiotherapy recommends scheduling time for a massage. “Obviously, the holidays are stressful but they also are a time where we see more injuries due to additional time on the road,” says Gusic. “Massages can not only help with an injury, they can also help to prevent them. Getting a massage can help to relax the muscles and the mind, as well as, improving the joints and overall health.”

Many of the patients of Sherway are athletes or cross fitness enthusiasts. Massage therapy can be used pre and post-workouts to reduce the risk of injury and retain joint integrity. It can also be used to reduce recovery time on injuries, as well as, the stress related to them. Massage therapy sessions are usually part of a physical therapy program but can also be scheduled as an individual session as needed by patients to improve their health and well-being.

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