Offering accurate Sheet metal transition details and CAD shop fabrication drawing services at affordable rates!

CAD Outsourcing Services focus on providing effective CAD drafting services for various Sheet metal transition and Shop fabrication drawings to its clients in US, UK, Aus and Canada. We have experience of working on small, medium and large projects offering accurate detail drawings for various materials and components.

The sheet metal deep draw technology is one of the most challenging process in manufacturing. The sizes, shapes, thickness and deep drawn metal used to produces sheet metal deep drawn parts cover a diverse range of variables. Individual variables should be evaluated carefully to determine the optimum manufacturing method.

Benefit from our range of quality CAD drawing services including:
# Drafting of Sheet Metal component sketches
# Sheet metal transition details
# CAD fabrication drawings
# Sheet metal platter drawings
# Shop detail drawings

Regardless of the many factors involved affecting the draw quality, the most important element to a successful sheet metal deep drawing operation is the smoothness of sheet metal flow. Type of material used and tool surface finish are key elements affecting metal flow during deep drawing process and each of them should be considered when designing or troubleshooting sheet metal deep drawings.

Here's what we can do for you
-> Give us design details and we will draft them into accurate CAD drawings
-> We can detail any sheet metal component or assembly design
-> Compliance to the drafting standards as per specific location/region
-> We work with any input/output format

We use AutoCAD, StaddPro, Revit & Tekla CAD technologies to provide our clients best of class services and timely delivery of drawings.

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