“The reality in the writing makes your stomach sour. A real page turner that keeps you completely intrigued as the characters come to life in your mind. Excellent series designed to wake you to the reality of the world around us,” writes Amazon Reviewer Erin Spalding.

That’s how Book 2 of Joseph Lewis’ The Lives Trilogy has been described.  If you’re looking for the right book to take to the beach or add to your summer reading list, Shattered Lives is the book you’re looking for.

Pete Kelliher and the FBI thought the boys were safe. So did their parents. So did the hospital staff. In fact, everyone thought the boys were safe. That is, until people began dying.

More than a hundred arrest warrants were served and those who took part in the human trafficking ring were arrested. However, six dangerous men escaped and go into hiding. Led by Detective Anthony Dominico, these men vow revenge on those who forced them to run and no one is safe.

Not Brett McGovern; not his younger brother Bobby; not George Tokay; not the twins, Randy and Billy. These boys are in danger and live in fear that at any moment, they could be murdered along with their families.

“I cannot recommend this book enough! It is truly a MUST read! After reading “Taken Lives”, the prequel, and “Stolen Lives”, book one of the trilogy, I couldn’t wait for “Shattered Lives”, book two. I was not disappointed,” writes another Amazon Reviewer.

“After “Taken Lives”, each book starts exactly where the previous one leaves off. These books, although fiction, tell a very real story of children being abducted into child sex trafficking.”

 Mr. Lewis does a superb job of creating and bringing to life all of the characters involved. The relentless determination of the people trying to find these children and stop the “bad guys.

Who are the bad guys and why are they killing?  What about the FBI?  Unfortunately, they have no clues and no leads. Not even a place to begin looking.  Get your book today and the thrill begins.

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