The only painter who uses the black paper & colour pencils for awe-inspiring paintings is Shashikant Dhotre. There are few artists whose works can elicit the exact same response from almost everyone - usually some people like a particular work while there are others who find flaws in it. But in case of Shashikant Dhotre’s works, every single viewer unanimously has the same awe and unabashed appreciation in their eyes. Ekla Chalo Re, a new talk show brings to you a young & promising artist Shashikant Dhotre who will take us through how he became successful in building his own credibility through his applauding work. Tune into ‘Ekla Chalo Re’ on Saturday 10th Jan 8pm & 11pm, watch repeat telecast on Sunday 12noon & 5pm exclusively on IBN-Lokmat

Grown-up by his own talent, Shashikant has no formal education in art, (he had to drop out of Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai, in a month) works on black paper with colour pencils. The 29-year-old-artist (looks much younger) captures all the beautiful nuances of the varied expressions of young women in a remarkable way with the help of pencils. His paintings have that rare quality of looking alive and give the impression of being almost three-dimensional. The extraordinary story of Shashikant Dhotre will be featured in the show and will be elaborating about his contribution and hardship through which he has achieved a lot of recognition. He has won nine major awards in the field of art which includes the Art Society of India award and the UK Colour Pencil award.

Most TV shows today focus on the milestones achieved by such individuals and not the journey, the hardships they faced, the success they tasted and the inspiration that drove them.  To watch this inspiring story of famous young artist Shashikant Dhotre, tune into ‘Ekla Chalo Re’ on Saturday 10th Jan, 8pm and Sunday 12noon & 5pm, exclusively on IBN-Lokmat.