Roll Back The Years is set to be a hit record

It seems talent runs in the family as Bollywood legend Kumar Sanu 12 year old daughter releases her debut single, ‘Roll Back The Years’. At a time when the world is focused on One Direction, and Justin Bieber singing love songs and dance tracks, Shannon K wanted to make her debut single send a clear message on how broken homes affect children.

12-year-old Shannon K debut single has been written by her 9-year-old sister, Ana. Together with Shannon K pure singing voice and Ana talent for words, they wanted to get the message across to the adults of the world how a marriage breakdown does not just affect the two people whose marriage is falling part, it also affects the children.

‘Roll Back The Years’ is about a family that has been torn apart after the parents decided to go their separate ways. With astounding lyrics and a voice that can take on the likes of Beyoncé, the song is sure to set the charts alive. More importantly, the song will help children who are going through a troubled family life to know that Shannon K and Ana are thinking of them.

“Shannon K is a natural singer based in London.She sings with all her heart that’s why she can express feelings through her singing. She is daughter of Bollywood legendary Singer Kumar Sanu, so she’s got musical environment naturally at home. She is much inspired by her Dad in singing as she’s always listening to his songs. She is inspired by Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Rihanna, Adele and all of them are her inspirations in Music. Apart from singing, she is a natural actor and I realized this on the set while filming her.

When I heard her song first, I was really impressed with her sweet, expressive voice. Above all she’s a good human being that’s why she chose such a sensitive subject (Separated family’s Kids) to make her debut single. She’s not sure whether she’ll choose singing as profession but Music is certainly her passion and she’s working on her next single right now.

She was simply humming the song and her Dad heard it. Mr Kumar Sanu found the song strong enough to get discovered. This is the way Singer Shannon K was born.”

By William Steel
British Film Director
London UK

The song was written after Ana returned home from her London school in tears, after her friend told her about the pain she was going through with the break up of her family. Anna channeled the heartbreak to put together lyrics that she hoped would make parents understand their actions affects their children. The talented duo, Ana and Shannon K, put their talents together and the single ‘Roll Back The Years’ was born.

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It is not surprising Shannon K and Ana are talented when you look at their father and to bring out a song with so much meaning instead of launching a dance track or trying to be the next Madonna, gives credit to their famous father.

Shannon K and Ana hope the song will reach a wider audience and help put a stop to the heartbreak that is happening to children around the world.

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