Musician Shankar Mahadevan who bagged his fourth National Award for a song titled Bolo Na from Chittagong, will be presenting a theme show on `Krishna by Regions’ at the Idea Jalsa — Music for the soul concert to be held on March 24, 2013 at Andheri Sports Complex from 7.00 p.m..  The programme also features a performance by Ankita Joshi (Vocal).  The entry is free. 


Krishna is worshipped in various forms across the regions; as  Guruyaoorappan, BalaKrishnan, Balaji, Vithala, Kanha, Nandgopal, Thakurji, and so on across the country, but the devotional fervor is the same and Shankar will base his presentation on the same.   


The multi-media platform for all forms of Indian music, that features over 50 genres of Music, with over 100 artistes across 12 cities, and covering about 30,000 audiences collectively across the venues commenced the concert tour from Vishakaptanam on January 20, 2013 and concludes in Mumbai.  Idea Jalsa is a unique festival that not only travels to cities, unlike other festivals that is held at a single venue, in a city over the years, but will also be webcast live on and on thus enabling audiences across the globe to soak in the experience of great performances of the artistes. 


Durga Jasraj, Founder and Director, Art & Artistes, the conceptualizer and producer of the Idea Jalsa project, said, “Our endeavour is to showcase Indian music across cities by providing a platform for audiences to discover the treasures of Indian Music that has a rich legacy, and versatility unparalleled, with the diversity of music forms has been challenging, but successfully adapted to various multi-media formats like radio, television, inflight programmes across 8 international airlines.   The challenge -- presenting your own traditions in a manner that's contemporary and relevant, and making the youth connect to their own culture and music.  We will be announcing our next Talent Hunt soon to nurture the future.”


Mr. M D Prasad, Chief Operating Officer, Idea Cellular, Mumbai, said “"Idea has always endeavoured to entertain and enthrall its audience with Music and other forms of entertainment. We are now happy to bring 'Idea Jalsa', the largest platform for different genres of Indian music, close to you to enrich your musical experience. In the last six years of our association with Indian Music Academy, we have created a huge repository of Music in different formats, and this time we are taking it a step ahead by getting the legends of Music perform live for you."


Recently Idea Jalsa also celebrated the completion of having hosted 50 on ground events that have been witness to enthralling performances by music legends, maestros and star performers from across the world.  


Redesigning Aspects of Performing Art, i.e. presentation on stage, styling of clothes, conversing with audiences and getting intimate with them, etc. have become a normal habit since the Jalsa experience. Idea Jalsa has now undisputedly established itself as the single largest platform for all genres of Indian music, and has been promoting and showcasing the next generation in every concert.  Leveraging television as a medium, and evolving the format suitable for viewers was the first initiative that was thought of.  Use of technology, i.e. LED walls during TV performances, have not just enhanced the overall presentation, but also stepped out of the archaic forms of visual appeal.

Now in the seventh year, Idea Jalsa Concert Tour, features artistes like:  Legendary vocalist and doyen of the Mewati Gharana,Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj; Vidwan T.M.Krishan (Carnatic vocal); Vidwan Vikku Vinayakaram; Selva Ganesh; Swaminathan Selvaganesh; Ranjit Rajwada (Ghazals) & Malini  Awasthi (Folk); Kakoli Bhattacharya; Anup Jalota (Bhajans);  Pt. Rattan  Mohan  Sharma (Hindustani vocal); Niladri Kumar (Sitar);  Sanjeev Abhyankar (Hindustani vocal); Wadali Brothers (Qawali and Sufi); Instrumental Jugalbandi by S.Aakash (Flute) & Bhaskarnath (Shehnai);  Ankita  Joshi (Hindustani vocal); Shankar Mahadevan; Abhishek Raghuram (Carnatic Vocal); Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute); Tabla duet by Rimpa Siva & Master Yashwant; Padmashree Ustad Rashid Khan (hindustani Vocal) U.Srinivas (Mandolin) and Hariharan.

The journey of Idea Jalsa began in 2006 as a ground concert tour across 39 cities. The show that started with one channel, and one slot has now managed to be featured across various channels across Terrestrial and C & S networks.  With 104 episodes bank of timeless content, with more than 450 Live Music performances/ tracks, featuring more than 20 languages/ regions, with performances by over 700 Musicians and Artistes, covering more than 55 genres of Indian music.  Idea Jalsa that started with one channel, and one slot has now managed to be featured across various channels that includes the terrestrial Doordarshan and many satellite channels.   International telecast on the leading Zee TV network of 165 countries has ensured a world-wide footprint of Jalsa — ensuring that audiences across the world are exposed to Indian Music performances across various genres in a contemporary fashion.  The show that achieved a distinction of surpassing 100 million (10 crores) viewers in 2011 is already on the way to achieve 150 million (15 crores) viewers soon.