China, 14, April 2015: There has been a great demand for machines that will reduce the cost of importing optical fiber cables from other countries. Shanghai Weiye has brought many specialised machines in the market that help in the production of optical fiber cables quite easily. These machines are useful for the manufacturing of different types of optic fiber cable equipment at a comparatively low production cost. All the machines are produced in the manufacturing plants of the company. The main product of the firm includes Optical Cable Sheathing Line. The product is mainly used for the manufacturing of optical fiber pipes of different diameters. It consists of many essential spare parts that include jib crane, metal tape accumulator, water blocking tape, pay off, hot melt applicator and many more. The running speed of the machine is 80 m/min and has a good demand in electronic and communication industry.

Secondary coating line is another product of the company. The machine works at a speed of 350m/min and consists of technical parts like hot water trough and hot water tank, cooling trough and chiller, blowing dryer, 24 optical fiber pay off and many more. It consumes electricity of 95 kwh and provides easy operational guidelines to the users. The product can withstand high temperature and are corrosion resistant. It is easy to install and occupy limited ground space. The company manufactures products like fiber colouring machine, optic fiber ribbon line, fiber proof testing machine and many more.

The firm also supplies variety of indoor cable production machines and consumers have the opportunity to consult with the company before placing their order. The company is known for its production of Helical armoring machine. It is used in the production of hose pipes of different shapes. Users can adjust the machinery setting in the touchscreen of the machine. The machine is installed in a safety cover box and is driven by two AC servo motors and is synchronised by programmable controller. The machine works at a speed of 1800 rpm and can be used for a long period of time. The machine is mainly available in two main architectural categories that includes integral and separate. In the integral machine both wire flattening and armoring processed together whereas in separate machine both wire flattening and strip armoring are processed separately.

Clients have the option to know the production process of all its products from the website. All its products are manufactured under the supervision of experienced engineers and technicians. Before manufacturing any machine its design is first drawn and is discussed and when it receives the final approval then production begins. Clients need to place their orders in the official website of the company. The firm protects the order information and other sensitive information of the clients quite effectively.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd:

Shanghai Wieye OFC Equipment Co,. Ltd is a manufacturer of machines that are used in the production of fiber optic cables. The company has been in this business for a last 15 years and the products have received good response for international markets. Viewers can visit the site for more information.

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