Shanghai, China — A new line of Film capacitors and power factor correction solutions has now been introduced by Shanghai, China based Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company, keeping in mind the high capacitance requirements of the modern electronics industry. According to the company, there is a high demand of power factor correction solutions that can optimize the power supply within a device and can help improve its performance. These new capacitors are highly desirable in manufacturing power supply applications and inverters where it’s always essential to maintain an optimum level of the power supply across circuits.

These capacitors come with Metalized Polypropylene film coating that makes them highly durable to keep functioning efficiently in a highly heating condition. Moreover,  their Flame retardant epoxy resin makes them resistant to a high level of heat and also gives them a unique self-healing property. The company maintains that these technical specifications make these capacitors as a highly functional electronic component in the electronics and the power supply device industry.

The power supply appliance industry has been undergoing a tremendous change due to the demand for power thrifty devices in a world that is quickly heading  towards an energy crisis scenario. And this China based company believes that by manufacturing such efficient electronic chips and solutions they are going to play a major role in fuelling the growth of the electronics industry. According to the company sources, these new capacitors can be easily incorporated in different types of power circuits and SMPS solutions for their optimized performance.

The company maintains that their Gold capacitors are the newly introduced high capacitance solution that can prove a benchmark offering to the burgeoning electronics industry. According to them, the electronic industry has been continuously evolving and there is a need for highly functional  components. And as a key player to supplement the component related needs of the electronics industry, Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company keeps bringing new components and electronic parts. With a huge investment layout for the R&D, the company is capable of bringing innovative products that are aimed at making electronic and electrical devices more capable and feature-rich.

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About Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company

Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company was founded in 2005 and has over 30 years experience in the R&D of capacitors. With their strong R&D base, the company is producing a diverse range of advanced and superior technology capacitors for the electronic and electrical industries. The company has always been committed to delivering unconventional and highly technical design and development with a strong technical team, and keeps adding innovative products from time to time.

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