Shanghai, China — The China based high-quality capacitor manufacturer, Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company announces that they have successfully developed a new series of Multilayer ceramic capacitors that would promote innovative product development in the electronics industry. According to the company, these capacitors are one-of-its kind in the industry and have been developed after months’ of R&D efforts. More importantly, these capacitors have been conceptualized after a careful analysis of the needs and requirements of the modern electronic industry that is moving ahead at a fast pace.

During a company presentation, the product specialists of the company threw light on the exceptional features of these new capacitors and affirmed that these high-capacity components can be used in various electronic devices. According to them, their miniature size and the large capacitance make them appropriate to be implemented in a variety of applications where they fit in suitably to keep performing their intended task in an efficient manner.

The company engineers maintain that the epoxy resin coating makes these capacitors highly resistant to heat and humidity thereby maintaining their durability. One of them says, “These capacitors keep functioning for years, without requiring any maintenance. Thus, they help in manufacturing highly durable and maintenance-free electronic devices.” The company maintains that these are Super capacitors that can enable manufacturers to come out with high-end electronic devices that can meet the requirements of the modern population.

According to the company, these multilayer capacitors can be customized with various load configurations. This way these help in product development with different specifications and attributes. Moreover, their compact size facilitates product development with different ergonomics of the designs that most manufacturers today desire for.

The company spokesperson, however, states that they always believe in delivering products according to the client’s requirements. Thus, they invite clients to get a glimpse of the product specifications that they have revealed online on their website in a comprehensive manner. And for any kind of specific product requirement, one can always write to them. To see the product specifications and get in touch with them, one may visit their website

About Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company

Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company was founded in 2005 and has over 30 years experience in the R&D of capacitors. With their strong R&D base, the company is producing a diverse range of advanced and superior technology capacitors for the electronic and electrical industries. The company has always been committed to delivering unconventional and highly technical design and development with a strong technical team, and keeps adding innovative products from time to time.

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