Shanghai, China; 30, April 2015: China based mirror supplier, Shanghai Divas Glass Company has a wide range of mirrors that are aimed at enhancing convenience and lifestyle of the modern population. People can now have fogless and a crystal clear mirror in their bathrooms to enjoy a relaxing shower. There is no need to wipe off the fog from the mirror surface after the shower every time, but it will appear clean and sparkling with a mirror defogger. The defogger supplied by the company keeps the bathroom mirror free from the fog in a permanent manner.

A fog free mirror is easy to install and can be installed in the bathrooms at homes, hotels and other places. Such fog free mirrors can have other useful functions too. It may come with lights so that one can clearly see the face in the mirror, even if there is a limited light in the bathroom. A fog free lighted mirror has a lighting circuit and a power cord to illuminate the mirror, when needed. All products are ISO 9001 certified, offering great quality and product durability.

Shanghai Divas Glass Company can supply products in bulk and at wholesale prices. They have a well-equipped production facility with experienced staff and all technical knowledge. The company also specializes in delivering the mirror demister pad in the desired quantity and in custom shape and sizes. The pads could be used for different mirror demisting areas, and the company has some standard sizes to meet the heating or demisting needs of mirrors of different designs. The pads are generally available in three shapes: round, oval and rectangular and they can offer in other shapes, as demanded by the client.

The company has mirrors and related products that can define the ways of living of the people of the present era. The products supplied by the company are tested rigorously, so that the end-user can experience a great comfort and a better lifestyle. To learn more about the mirrors that the company offers, one may visit the website

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Shanghai Divas Glass Company has been supplying different kinds of mirrors to various five star hotels for the last 13 years worldwide. The innovation of such mirrors have helped many hotels please their clients by eradicating the issue of fog accumulation and offering them relaxed, comfortable and hassle-free stay.

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