Shaan worries about embarrassing his kids

Watch the talented singer Shaan get caught-up with some amusing questions on Disney Channel’s ‘Captain Tiao’
This week, Disney Channel’s ‘Captain Tiao’ will have ever cheerful Shaan as guest on the show and the uber-talented singer made sure he played the perfect guest with his jolliness and good humour. The little host ‘Captain Tiao’ and his guest —Shaan engaged in an entertaining conversation but soon came to a point, where Sadhil’s inquisitiveness and questions left Shaan completely perplexed.

The rapid-fire round left the vocalist stumped with the bevy of questions by Captain Tiao who kept giving him a series of comical punishments each time he gave an incorrect answer. At the end of the quiz Shaan was all dressed like a clown admitted that he was concerned what his kids would think of him “What will my kids think about me? All this is happening to me because of the innumerous questions asked by Captain Tiao”, he said. Shaan’s cheerful demeanour and the young host’s inquisitiveness made the rendezvous a memorable one. Not just that, Bollywood’s favorite vocalist also finally revealed the mystery behind his name change from Shantanu to Shaan.

‘Captain Tiao’ is a first of its kind short format talk show conceptualized keeping in mind the curious nature of a child and the intriguing questions that children never hesitate to ask. The show presents Sadhil Kapoor as the host ‘Captain Tiao’ who with his mind bending questions gets celebrities to reveal some unknown and interesting facts of their lives. This recently launched show continues to bring to life Disney Channel’s promise to Express Yourself, Believe Yourself and Follow Your Dreams with its new refreshing concept.

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