According to a survey that was conducted recently, there are many people who feel the need to move to a new home or place due to increase in family size or transfer from work. Shifting to a totally new place can be tiring, time consuming, along with high expenditure. Understanding the shifting habits of people, Shaan Movers in Calgary has introduced a moving service for both residential and commercial. The company reported that it takes pride in its cost efficient and timely services. Assuring customers with high quality transportation services, it also provides maximum security.

Apart from transportation services, the company is said to provide both packing and unpacking services. This means customers do not have to go through those tiresome stages of packing their stuffs. With highly professional employees, Shaan Movers is known for providing high-tech equipments along with any number of cartoons, furniture blankets, floor runner, cargo control, mattresses, packaging materials, rubber bands, labels, and many more.

With a 5-ton truck, the company can move all belongings at one round, thus saving customers time and money. All breakable and fragile items are handled with high care and it has different bags and boxes to securely store small things like screws which can get misplaced easily. Cartoons are carefully color codes and labeled to avoid confusion.

The company is said to provide one of the best moving service for offices in Calgary. It makes sure that all sensitive information such as files, hard drives, computers, folders, servers, etc are securely transferred.  A background check is done on every employee before hiring, so there is zero risk of lost of items.

Shann Movers is one of the few moving company that supports green environment. It provides services for dumping old furniture or any type garbage at a very affordable price. It also sees to it that all electronics, batteries, and harmful items are carefully disposed at the right place.   For more information please go to

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 Shann Movers is a moving company in Calgary that provides services at a very low cost. It deals with both residential and commercial transportation and also disposes garbage.

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