11, April 2015: San Francisco Convention and Meeting Planners have come up with an upgraded version of Q-ARS. This is a completely mobile, cloud based Audience Response System that helps in connecting presenters and audiences in an effective way. 

Q-ARS is helpful in getting the audience involved and be more interactive in conferences. The system is quite easy to use and has a lot of special features. One can use any kind of smartphone to operate it. Users do not need to download as it is a cloud based platform. One can start interacting with their audience in just five minutes. 

Every speaker, educator and presenter wants his audience to stay involved and associated to what he is speaking about. Though there are several conventional Audience Response System (ARS) platforms available, but they are expensive and difficult. People need to buy the related equipments and download software. They are also required to learn techniques for operating those programs. 

Q-ARS is a complete solution for every presenter and speaker to engage his audiences in an easy way. A presenter just needs to setup his questions either beforehand or on the fly. The audience easily scans a generated QR code or enters the address on their mobile browser. Every user now has a mobile polling machine before him. This system is compatible with all kinds of modern smartphones. 

The quantified results and analytics in Q-ARS include anonymous reports, exam reports and socially analytical reports. The system can be used by any teacher speaking to a small classroom or a presenter speaking in a packed auditorium. They can entertain, educate and interact with their audiences like never before. 

Q-ARS system is available in different packages including Q-ARS Demo, Q-ARS Starter Kit, Q-ARS Responder – Addon Pack and Q-ARS Questions – Addon Pack. One can select package according to his need. The related app is available for download from the Google Play Store and iTunes. 

About SFCMP: 

San Francisco Convention & Meeting Planners is a company founded by Shawn Finkelstein, CMP is an industry expert in convention planning and hosting. The company works with an aim to be the preferred BYOD application provider in the convention centre. 

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