Law suits are harmful to both the firms and sales people involved. They cause financial losses and the loss of production sales reps. To avoid a lawsuit, it's significant to have a strong contract. It's also advisable to have excellent records, transparency in dealings, and very clear correspondence.

1 Demonstrate the commission rate accurately. It's best to show an illustration next to each of your calculations to prevent any confusion. These can be perplexing and difficult to master. The sales commission payment process should also be very clearly laid out.

2 Make it simple- Every sales commission payment comprehension really should be straightforward. You need to be able to give an explanation of your calculations on the back of a paper napkin. When there is a clear commission payment plan, sales reps understand better what they're supposed to do in order to make additional incentives. The right behavior is incentivized.

3 Make the salesman initial each calculation and illustration - Each example and calculation really should have the sales reps initial next to it, as well as, be very clear, as noted beforehand. Should the salesman have known, or did they already know? This would answer that question in a courtroom. It could also be the deciding factor in a lawsuit.

4 Describe when a commission rate will be taken away. The salesman should initial beside the detailed reason and instances that a commission rate would be taken away. The top reason for legal cases is taking away a commission rate and can be painful to do so. What will happen when a buyer is lost as a result of company's disregard? If a product is returned for being faulty, should a salesperson still receive their commission rate? And, whose problem is it when a product is mailed wrong and is bad when it reaches the customer? To prevent legal cases, these, and many other instances need to be laid out clearly.

5 When can a buyer be given to another salesman - Any transfer of clients has to be explained to the sales representative involved in a timely and professional manner. Corporations have many factors why they may decide to change a rep for a certain consumer, or group of clients. This may be to realign a territory or because they believe a different sales rep can move much more products with a particular customer. There are other factors as well but, the causes are unimportant, the understanding and the comprehension of the sales person is the significant issue here. We don't want anyone to quit or sue over a transfer of shoppers.

6 Termination by either person. What are the results with splits with other reps, residuals, or other foreseeable future earnings? If a sales rep quits or is terminated, they are typically compensated for any unresolved commission due to them. Litigation occur, however, when there is not a very clear comprehension about which instances they are paid a commission for. This takes place specifically when a sales rep is terminated. As in all arrangements, each paragraph must be initialed whenever possible, as well as, the situations that govern the termination must be explained prior to when the job starts.

7 Commission payment statements need to be precise and professional looking - CommTrack is among the leading software applications on the market. To automate your sales commission course of action, you should use this, or other standard software systems. Crystal clear, precise, and disputable in an easy manner must be how every statement looks and is explained. To be easily disputable, there must be a normal way to question whether a compensation is accurate and payable or not.

After so many years of being paid incorrectly, I decided it was time to create a solution. The solution (known as CommTrack) will make calculating and tracking commissions easy. No more difficult days stuck in an office, wondering if you did it right.