Tacoma, WA — Seven Half, an online store for women’s dress apparel, shoes and fashion accessories, launches with a dedicated eLayaway payment option for its female customers. In the elayaway registry, female customers can reserve as many items as their online shopping hearts desire for 50% of the total retail price paid at the start of their program. Each layaway order is a standard 30 days with the purchased items being shipped on the next available business day. Seven Half’s elayaway registry can be used to buy clothes and accessories online by a payment plan of two easy electronic payments per month. Currently, customers only need an active checking account to place elayaway orders with Seven Half.

The online store has tapped into the needs of its young women customers “whose current desired pricing threshold is much lower than the value six years ago” according to Seven Half President and CEO, Cassady Dill. Layaway programs were once a necessary feature in the American retail industry but new financial climates suggest the resurgence is right on time. In September of 2011, Wal-Mart resumed their layaway service due to increased constraints on consumer credit as the country suffered economically.

Dill expects the online layaway service to be beneficial for a number of other reasons as well.

“A sizable percentage of our customers are younger than twenty-one although their parents often place orders on their behalf. We expect the elayaway will open up shopping to younger customers who may not own credit or debit cards but can access their own checking accounts.”

Seven Half Store customers can add items to their “registry” as they shop but not before signing up for a Seven Half customer account. Customers can name their registry according to their needs or interests like, “Summer Formal” for a registry of dresses to wear for a popular student event. Each registry is password protected and registry owners can share their elayaway purchases with their friends or anyone else responsible for paying on the account. The idea came to Dill when she began thinking about how helpful the system was for customers in a store she had worked in during college. “Women on average would prefer to buy several items at once, which is vastly different from their male counterparts who simply have a narrow focus and want to get in and get out when shopping. Our elayaway program reassures women that they can have all they want right now.”

Curbing the excitement of having items shipped immediately isn’t as hard as most think when taken into account that elayaway orders give customers a chance to spend cautiously and over time. For more info on buying women’s dresses online via elayaway visit Seven Half Elayaway.

About Seven Half Store

Founded in 2012, Seven Half online store for women, features cocktail dresses, little black dresses, evening wear and casual dress wear for style savvy, working women. Dress brands from mostly European and California manufacturers are sold on the online boutique. With an average prices under $50 and a style emphasis on “appropriate anywhere” attire. Seven Half also donates to charitable organizations and non-profits for programs designed for the success of young, working and/or educated, ambitious women.

Find out more about Seven Half at: www.sevenhalfstore.com or call 253.642.6524.

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