Officially registered in the year 2008, july 23, the sia voice media company has recently announced it is has expanded its voice information agency to double its size as compared to before. the company has been lauded for the multi lingual medium of mode in which its information has been gathered. Some of the top listed languages are the Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages.

The news service shows of the company have all been registered in some of the international channels shows. a census vote that has been launched by a group of media experts have indicated that the individuals are constantly favoring the online news web site sia over the other cable or satellite TV news channels. This has been because of the fact that most of the individuals are constantly on the move. Whether to work, to the friend’s party or even the school or college, time has become precious. The modern individual man no longer has the luxury to lounge around the house and watch TV in peace. Even the weekends are spent outside of the home. For those of the parents who choose to stay home, there is the parent obligation to actually spend “quality” time with the kids for a personal connection and relationship.

The agency’s web site sia has been working as a subsidiary of the larger agency of the SESTV internet TV, called the portal. The has also been appreciated for its services as an online based travel agency. The work of the agency has been to control a wide networking system in order to subscribe to daily news which are both international as well as national and even local. There are also video footage, current bank rankings, weekly and monthly analysis of the market trends, forecasts, special photo offers, media group and even the well known political analysis. To get more information please go to


The is an agency of the SESTV online TV. it offers the latest news in print, photos and videos.

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