Senior citizens have a new beginning

Senior citizens can search their life partner at Punarvivah a project of social organization being responsible


Indore: If you are alone in your later years and are in need of a companion, who can understand your feelings and become your true friend, a matrimonial service for senior citizens offers you match making facility.


Supreme Court Decision for live in relationship for senior citizens “Protection of women from Domestic violence act section-2” now legal. Senior citizens need love and affection. In the later years of their life, they need a life partner, who can understand their feelings. Recognizing this need of senior people, Being Responsible, an NGO dedicated to the welfare of senior citizens, has started project punarvivah for senior citizens so that they can find a suitable partner. Through this service they can find a life partner of their choice and then can marry him or her or live in a live in relationship. Atul Malikram from Being Responsible says, “We are happy that a show being broadcasted on TV has put the condition of elders and their requirements before the nation. We have been keeping elders busy in different creative activities for a long time. We feel that the role a life partner plays in sharing their feelings can never be played by anyone else. This is the time when an elder needs a company most. Therefore we have started match making facility for elder people so that they can live their remaining life with a life partner. Through this service they will get a new goal to live a happy life.”


For further information contact:

Atul Malikram @ 9755020247

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About being responsible

Being responsible is a social group of Indore city, aiming to provide various social services to the society. This group is dedicated to the welfare of senior citizens. It has pioneered to give a new direction to elders in later years of their life. The group is running the following activities at present:

1-      Two Senior Citizens Day Care Centers —at (1) 148 B Mahadev Totla Nagar, Ring Road, Indore, and (2) 137 Sarva Sampanna Nagar, Kanadia Road, Indore.

2-      Assistance to needy senior citizens by grocery.

3-      Mobile Medicare van