14, April 2015: There are scores of service providers that facilitate money transfers around the world. However, not all of them are reliable service providers, offering a fast and safe way of sending monies anywhere across the world. This is the reason why Sendthatcash.com introduces money transfer comparison services, allowing people to send monies at the best foreign exchange rate through a fast and reliable service provider.

The trend of sending money is growing speedily because more people are engaged today in the international business. For them, finding a reliable wire transfer becomes essential so that money can be sent to the partners and associates located in different places in the world. At the same time, the effort is always on to find a service provider that charges the least exchange rate for sending money. This helps save money and brings down the business operation cost. This is the reason why when users compare money transfer service on Sendthatcash.com it is appreciated by many people and businesses who regularly send money to different international locations.

According to the spokesperson of the website, they have helped people to transact over 11 million pounds, and a number of users are taking advantage of their services on a daily basis. They have a simple process for people to quickly get the cheapest rate of transferring money between two countries. One just needs to enter the name of the two countries and the amount to compare the services of different money sending companies and can choose the best service provider among them.

Through a simple and effortless comparison process, SendThatCash brings a plethora choices for people to send money anywhere in the world in a safe and reliable manner. There is no need to explore all service providers separately and compare their services in a time-saving and effortless manner. For people who need to send money online, the comparison service is available for free throughout the day or night. To start comparing and sending money at the cheapest rates, one may visit the website www.sendthatcash.com

About SendThatCash:

Sendthatcash.com is one of the first ever money transfer and foreign exchange comparison websites. The site provides users with the opportunity to compare among the world’s fastest and reliable international money transfer providers and foreign exchange firms that are able to transfer monies safely around the world. People can find the best foreign exchange rates to send money online or exchange currency online.

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