Online and e-Business owners understand how crucial an effective autoresponder is to building and sustaining their business. While some of the well-known autoresponder companies have now turned their attention to providing service to large, fortune-500 companies, smaller, independent businesses have been left in the lurch. Fortunately for smaller and mid-sized businesses, a new autoresponder is about to premiere that offers better service and a more tailored product. The result is that for a smaller cost, these businesses will get better service and will increase their profits.

SendReach has been specifically designed to be the best autoresponder available on the market today. The programmers and designers behind SendReach have studied what previous autorespnder companies did right — and more significantly — did wrong in their approach. This careful study helped SendReach design a system that delivers what businesses are actually looking for in an autoresponder service. Imagine an autoresponder that can help you create targeted emails and campaigns because it includes social media data such as:

- Correctly spelling a prospect’s name
- Includes a photo in some cases
- Has a prospect’s actual location such as city, state and country…
- Accurate age
- Gender
- And most significantly, personal interests — “Likes” the person has added to their social profile…

Think about how powerful this kind of targeted, specific, marketing information can be. This is why SendReach is poised to be the best autoresponder available on the market. Additionally, the autoresponder will allow users to quickly customize list-building and searches depending on need. This means that if you do not need or want to dig down to a micro level, you can set the exact parameters you need. For instance, you can set the system to search for specific types of subscribers and not send messages to everyone on your list. Suppose you only want to reach young woman in the United States, or middle-aged men in the London metropolitan area? With SendReach you can now target prospects in this way. This type of targeting can make your message more effective and increase sales and profits.

The SendReach autoresponder service comes with video and hard-copy training modules that will walk users through how to use the system, so users can get the most out of the autoresponder. Also, there is a support staff ready to help you, with the mission of treating you like a valued member of the SendReach family and not just a number. If you are tired of autoresponder services that cost you a lot of time and money but don’t deliver results, you owe it to yourself and your business to look into SendReach and give it a try.

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