2nd April, 2013 Today EzfreeSMS, a free international SMS (text messaging) service provider, is proudly announcing it is now being used to send more than 10,000 free SMS text messages every day.

EzfreeSMS.com is an advanced PC to mobile free text messaging service which allows people to send free SMS messages to anyone, anywhere in the world as long as the receiving individual has a mobile phone capable of accepting texts. So, with this new service, free text messages can be sent to mobile phones in 155 countries directly from the PC, recipients of the SMS do not need to be online to get the messages as it is delivered straight to their mobile phones. EZFreesms.com doesn’t require users to register in order to use their free SMS service, so users need not worry about having to enter in their self-identifying information. Its aim is to reach every mobile user all over world. Users simply type in the full telephone number, and select country from the drop down menu, and type in the message to send, and EZ Free SMS will do the rest.

This pioneering effort has already captured the imagination of thousands of people all over the world, isn’t it sounds great? Not only this, free text messages will be sent without any interruptions of advertisements and the number of users in the unique service that they have to offer are growing every day. Free International text messages can be sent quite literally anywhere in the world with the click of a button. Their free SMS online service is a totally new wave in modern communication technology.

All outgoing SMS messages are 100% free with EZFreeSMS. Some restrictions apply, but many users will be able to utilize texting feature completely free of charge. The costs associated with sending free international text messages are covered by the ad revenue generated on the website. As the site continues to grow in its popularity, user can expect new features such as free picture messaging.

Now Staying in contact with others doesn’t require paying an expensive monthly payment for a cell phone texting plan. Who doesn’t want to save money while staying in contact with family and friends all around the world? Free messaging provides the emotional satisfaction by staying in contact with family and friends.

About EZFreeSMS

EZFreeSMS is interactive website offers free web-based send/receive texting services. Its mission is to let people all over the world send free international text messages for free!

More information about ezfreesms can be found by visiting its web site at: http://ezfreesms.com/

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