The United Kingdom, January 27, 2014: Cargo shipment to Bangladesh is a significant business in many airports in the United Kingdom. Bangladeshis who reside abroad need cheap cargo to Bangladesh for sending gifts and other items to their loved ones in the youngest country in the subcontinent. Send Cargo has been shipping cargo from UK to Bangladesh ever since it was established in 2007. In fact the company opened with the soul motive of transforming the cargo service for Bangladesh. It is the brainchild of a Bangladeshi visionary who had worked under several entrepreneurs on foreign soil. His realisation of the scope of growth in Bangladesh courier service resulted into the opening of Send Cargo courier service Bangladesh.

Send Cargo ships several packages through cargo to Bangladesh on a regular basis. It is the only logistics company that offers dedicated courier service for the Bengali subcontinent nation. The company takes care of the paperwork and pick up the parcel to Bangladesh from senders’ address. It accepts all regular items such as computers, cameras, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, air-conditioners, security systems, sewing machines, heaters, games consoles, etc. Basically, shipping to Bangladesh arrives at local logistics office of Send Cargo, from where recipients have to collect the item by themselves. Door to door cargo to Bangladesh is also facilitated by the company but only for an extra charge, which goes for the conveyance of within/between the cities in Bangladesh.

Send Cargo has 100% successful record and thus commands reliability. Its courier service in Bangladesh has never received complaint for loss or damage of items during transit of cargo to Bangladesh from London. Still, most of the permitted items are covered under insurance, except for those items that are originally delicate and susceptible to breakage even with extra packing. Moreover, Send Cargo is the cheapest cargo service to Bangladesh and no other agency, however big it is, matches the Bangladesh cargo price that Send Cargo offers. It started its function as only a parcel shipping agency. However, with right decisions and customer-centric approach, Send Cargo has now expanded to cheap air cargo to Bangladesh as well as sea cargo to Bangladesh.

Send Cargo is located in London but has worldwide presence to allow people send cargo to Bangladesh from any inhabited part on Earth. The official website of the company lists about 50 items and kinds of items that are not permissible for courier to Bangladesh. There is another list that contains goods and types of goods that do not enjoy insurance coverage like other Bangladesh cargo items. Send Cargo supports various modes of customer-service contact to ensure that all its customers get streamlined service.

About Send Cargo:


Send Cargo is a logistics company opened by Bangladeshi entrepreneur in the United Kingdom. Was started in 2007 and has been involved with dedicated cargo service to Bangladesh from rest of the countries. Reasonable price and combined cargo & parcel service are the characteristic features of Send Cargo.