Semi-Finals approach the Superdude Mansion this week on Integriti bindass Superdude!


After the elimination of Prince, who was the heart of the Superdude Mansion, last week the atmosphere was a little gloomy. This week is the 1st Semi-finals towards the race of being India’s Ultimate Superdude! To prep-up the boys, Madhura took the boys out for styling and grooming session at Hakim Alims. Post their styling sessions, the boys were in for a surprise as Aakash made a wild card entry in the Superdude Mansion.


As the good boys team, were enjoying the moment, Sofia’s sent a basket with gift wrappers and ribbons with a note which said they have to gift-wrap a favorite item from their wardrobe. Little did the dudes know, that this was actually Sofia’s break-up task. Impressed with the good boys’ performance last week, Ashmit brought back Akash in their team, but there was yet another twist that Ashmit brought to the game! He split all the teams, so now each dude was on his own to perform the task at hand.


Ashmit then set out the task for the dudes, where they have to impress an International dancer, who is also Ashmit’s friend. Like always, there were to be an advantage and disadvantage set for the dudes. So, who gets the advantage this week? Also, to add to their surprise, Ashmit informed the dudes that the winner of this task gets in to the semi-finals. So who is that lucky dude to be the first semi-finalist?


To find out watch Integritibindass Superdude on Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 7 pm only on bindass!



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