20, February 2016: Distinguished in over 140 countries worldwide, self help specialist Andy Shaw has actually teamed up with a NASA programmer to create an unique psychological app, created to make a positive effect on even the busiest people.

NASA Programmer

Speaking at a recent interview, Andy Shaw's spokesperson Peter Halm specified: "Shaw's Saltori system is already one-of-a-kind. Unlike many other psychological movements and theories out there, Shaw's approaches are specifically developed to fit flawlessly into the typical worker's life. With the release of this self help app in the coming months, anyone and everyone can track their mental advancements on-the-go- it's not only going to transform Shaw's Saltori thinking system, but it will revolutionize the world of mental advancement too."

Shaw's Saltori thinking system has actually already accrued huge success in the past couple of months alone, thanks to its unique delivery system and traceable outcomes. Shaw stresses the value of seeing this system as a way of life, instead of a quick-fix, and lays out how mental development does not appear over night. As a result, the Saltori system has been developed in small, bite-sized pieces of audio, video and written chapters, which rapidly build up to create a more positive general outlook on life.

Speaking of the system, Patti W. has discussed how Shaw's system not only helped her to overcome her demanding lifestyle, however enabled her to understand and manage her stress levels too. "I bought your books because, to be truthful, I was fed up with feeling sad all the time, even while on vacation", Patti stated in a recent video evaluation published on Shaw's website. "I just didn't have the tools to overcome my negativity. After resolving the movements and using the Saltori system, I just cannot believe the distinction I've undertaken. I have been using it for more than a month, and I already feel calm, relaxed and at peace with myself. This program has actually altered my life big time, and I cannot wait to discover where it will take me next."

Patti's full video testimonial, in addition to numerous complimentary personal development books about Andy Shaw's Saltori thinking system, are available to view at Saltori.com.

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