China - As one sort of high finesse electrical commodity, the internal structure of the slip ring is very fine. In this case, each purchaser¡¯s type selection of the slip ring should have very strictly requirements. If the selection is wrong, it will cause into directly influence to the using experience of the customer. However, it can also cause into many other serious consequences or lost. So, in practice, each user need to pay attention to the selection of slip ring according to their actually demand and working needs. Today, the professional engineer from famous China slip rings manufacturer will introduce with people how to better select their products based on actually situations.

First, the slip ring user need to note all of these installation practices conditions such as rotating movement speed of machine, outside temperature, ambient water vapor content of inner space of workshop, the onsite direction of the cable for slip ring and power and signal current. These situations could directly affect the type selection of slip ring. The wrong selection of the slip ring will cause into very seriously consequence of machine operation and slip ring itself.

Second, the operator and related engineer in the factory need to carefully consider the vibration and acceleration level in the operation of the related machine. These two factors seem not has directly with the slip ring but it actually affect the service life of slip ring. If the vibration and moving speed of the machine is very high, the purchaser needs to choose the slip ring with high wear resistance and long service life.

Third, in addition to the outer environmental factors and machine conditions, people should also pay more attention to the properties of slip rings such as operating speed and wear resistance. On the other hand, the insulating properties of slip rings should be another important aspect which people must consider.

In a word, AOOD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is one of the famous China slip ring manufacturers which already integrated the departments of development, production, testing and sales. Their own research team and sale team have more than five years experience in this industry. Their high performance and high quality industrial slip ring can support reliable supply of power and signals under various and clutter outside environments . If people who read this article have such interesting about the slip ring, they could directly get contact with AOOD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED by the following information.


Most AOOD fiber optic hybrid slip rings are used in ROVs which is Remotely Operated Vehicles, they are required to transfer high voltage, signals, video and fiber optic signals to ROVs. The voltage is usually around 3000 volts at maybe 20 amps per phase for the power and the fiber optics tends to be all single mode which could be one, two or more channels.

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