Seiko Watches Ups the Excitement Quotient at the 2014 IPL
~ Announces the Twelfth Knight Contest ~

India, April 2014: Year on year, the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket season is one of the most awaited period on the sporting calendar of every Indian irrespective age and location. The excitement created by this premium tournament is hard to describe by very simple to get drawn into.

To cash in on this excitement and to celebrate Seiko’s partnership with the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Seiko Watches has created the 12th Knight Contest to give both the KKR fans and their customers to remember this partnership by.

To participate in the 12th Knight Contest, fans and customers can visit and enter the contest by filling out the entry form. The contest is open till June 1, 2014. Winners stand a chance to win the KKR special edition Chronograph watchalong with other exciting prizes from Seiko.

This exciting and fun filled contest has three games:
1. Knights Quotient: There are a total of 6 questions pertaining to the Kolkata Knight Riders and Seiko Watches. The level tests your knowledge on how well you know the knights, their game and their chosen time.

2. Field Formation: This is a jigsaw puzzle on the Kolkata Knight Riders. The quicker you solve it, better chances of winning.

3. Commentary Box: Express your views, your passion and your pride. And should your final score tie a top score that’s held by many, this level will serve as the tiebreaker. List down a word, a phrase or a sentence that you feel best describes the Seiko — KKR Partnership.

With the 12th Night Contest, Seiko hopes to make both the IPL 2014 a memorable one in addition to giving their loyal customers andKolkata Knight Riders fans something to remember the season by.

Visit our Facebook page for further details on the contest. Get going India!