The United States of America, June 18, 2014: Right guidance is one of the most significant need of majority of people in this World. There are few people who have the right experience to observe life the way it is. The rest need the assistance of such people to derive motivation. While millions of people search for right mentors, not many have the access to people who are learned and experienced enough to guide them. Even among those who find a right mentor for life, many fail to retain him or remain under his or her guidance. The book Seek to Keep is intended to assist all such people who need a mentor and maintain relationship with him or her for long term. 

Seek to Keep, as its name suggests is about how to find mentors and then remain aligned with them for a long time. It is a compilation of interviews of a number of successful people throughout the world. They have been guiding others for considerable long time and understand the attitude of mentors as well as of those who seek mentorship. The interviews were conducted by Noam Kostucki, who is the Founder of Redefine Us, and Lujie Chen, who is the Co-Founder of Kairos Society. The book emphasises desire as the starting point of all achievement, as noted by Napolean Hill. 

Seek to Keep can have significant impact on professional development of individuals as well as teams of workers. That is, it is suitable for individual read as well as for use in business environment to pump the workers with positivity. The book stirs the desire for achievement, growth and learning in its readers. Subsequently, it highlights the significance of a mentor towards realisation of the desire. Exercises, questions and stories are the approaches adopted in the book to emphasise the importance of mentorship in life. People mostly see life in limited dimensions and consequently fail to notice the different courses that lead to the fulfilment of their desire. However, being a third-party, a mentor can bring to fore the possibilities and undiscovered potential of the mentee. 

One of the most important issues Seek to Keep tackles is how to keep mentors after they have been found. Being in constant communication with a counsellor is the key to progressive positive development in life, which cannot be in proper balance without achievement of mental maturity along with materialistic growth. 

About Seek to Keep: 


Seek to Keep is a book on importance of mentorship, approach to find the right mentor and technique to build long-term relationship with him or her. It is mainly a compilation of experiences of 20 successful people who were interviewed by compilers Noam Kostucki and Lujie Chen.