January 21, 2013 — Recently launched on Blogger.com, the Foscam Fi8910w security camera blog now covers the features and benefits that make this product unique and useful for customers.

The features of the camera are described in detail, including its ability to deliver audio and video to personal computers and smartphones. It can even operate in darkness as 11 infrared LEDs allow clear images of objects up to 26 feet away.

Free storage is enabled by a dedicated video server for each camera. Video files can be transferred to a PC or network video recorder, while third-party storage services can be used with the device too. Buyers to not have to pay for an extra storage service to manage their video files.

The new blog, an affiliate of Amazon.com, is designed to offer information on the Foscam Fi8910w, in addition to reviews, ratings, and testimonials. It covers details on the advancing technology of wireless security in cameras in general. Small commissions, fees, and reimbursements are received by the owner of the blog, as it is an affiliate of Amazon.com.

Readers can buy the camera through the website the blog is hosted on. The site is also designed to provide up-to-date news on the device and wireless security cameras in general. More information on the camera’s motion detection, pan and tilt, audio, and data encryption features is available. Comments are supported on each blog entry, while readers can also check their reaction to each piece. Each entry can also be shared via social media.

For more in-depth details on the Foscam Fi8910w and to read updated blog entries on a regular basis, visit http://foscamfi8910wwirelesscamera.blogspot.com/.

Patrina Breau, Media Relations
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