For people who travel, do business and commute from places to places, keeping a credit or debit card instead of hard cash can prove to be safe and advantageous. But where there are a great number of credit cards available, the choice can be quite difficult. In such a scenario, it is always better to rely on something that bears a reputation and quality. And one such quality name is that of Sears. Sears owns numerous shopping stores all over the world and one is likely to find a Sears shopper in every home.

Initially Sears had introduced a Sears shopping charge card which benefitted all the dedicated Sears shoppers with discounts, rebates and reward points. Since Sears is a gigantic chain of stores which sells everything from a toothbrush to the latest lawn mower, Sears’ shoppers found it extremely rewarding to own a Sears shopping card. However, recently in conjunction with other chain of stores and the world renowned Citi Bank, Sears now offers Sears MasterCard to all the Sears and non-Sears shoppers.

Making shopping all the more fun for everyone, the Sears MasterCard has lots more to offer to the average consumer than some healthy discounts. Satisfied owners of Sears MasterCard report that with this miraculous offering, not only do they avail the best shopping experience, they have also been able to enjoy free vacations and/or free boarding and lodging on their vacations.

The Sears MasterCard works in dual ways; not only does it function as one of the best store card with which a user can avail healthy discounts at a Sears or other retail store, it also brings together the finest experience of a credit or debit card.

Bundling the affordable prices at the Sears shopping store with reward programs offered on the Sears MasterCard could mean an irresistible shopping practice. What’s more is that with the Sears MasterCard, one becomes eligible to a free online account and with this account the consumer is able to oversee and manage the credit card account.

For people who love to shop and want to keep their money safe, the Sears MasterCard is the best answer. Along with the best shopping experience, they become eligible to the gratifying Sears Rewards Program.