(Free Press Release) “Search for RF & Microwave components by specification from multiple manufacturers on everything RF: www.everythingrf.com”

The search for RF and Microwave components has never been so easy. Everything RF - www.everythingRF.com, is a web portal that lets engineers search for components from multiple manufacturers by specification. Engineers specify their requirements for a component type by selecting values for the parameters that are important to them and they get a list of all the parts that meet their specification. They can then click on Request Quote or Send Inquiry button, which gets them quotes/information on these parts directly from the manufacturers.

The website saves engineers time and the hassle of through paper catalogs, journals or pdf files from multiple manufacturers when looking for components. There are over 30,000 components from more than 100 manufacturers listed across 17 categories.

“We currently have over 30,000 components listed from more than 100 manufacturers across 17 categories. We are working on adding more categories, components and manufacturers to the website.” Says Raghav Kapur, founder of everything RF.

everything RF ( www.everythingRF.com ) currently supports the search for RF Amplifiers, Antennas, Attenuators, Couplers, Connectors, Circulators, Crystal Oscillators, DC Blocks, Filters, Frequency Synthesizers, Isolators, Mixers, Power Dividers, Switches, Terminations, Transceivers and VCO‘s.

In addition to the component search engine, everything RF also has a number of other useful resources for RF engineers including News, Whitepapers, RF Directory, Forums and a Job Section.

Search for RF and Microwave components on www.everythingrf.com.

If you are a manufacturer of RF & Microwave components and would like to add your components to everything RF, to make them searchable by specification to thousands of engineers, e-mail us at [email protected] for details.

About Company:

Everything RF is a search engine for RF & Microwave Components that enables engineers to search for RF & Microwave components by specification from multiple manufacturers. There are over 30,000 Components from more than 100 Manufacturers in 17 Categories. Visit: http://www.everythingrf.com/. For any questions or more information on the website email us at [email protected]