Miami, FL- According to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, Search Engine Optimization Company (SEO), also referred to as Search Optimization Company ,is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a Website from Search Engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") Search Results as opposed to Search Engine Marketing Company (SEM) which deals with paid inclusion.
Since the Mid 1990's, when Search engines were first introduced into the Market, SEO was born as a new segment of the Marketing & Advertising Industry, and was focused mostly on On-Site Optimization, or in other words, techniques that involved the tweaking of the Content and Internal Link Structures of Websites in order to make them more attractive to Search Engines. These techniques worked for several years until Google was launched in 1998. Using different algorithms that relied more heavily upon Link Popularity instead of Internal Content, Google quickly became the Leader in the Search Engine Wars because it delivered more relevant search results in a simpler interface.

SEO has since become a much more complex area of specialization, and Companies specializing in SEO Services have always approached the work primarily as a form of highly-specialized Consulting Service, in which Clients pay on a Time & Materials basis for the work performed without contractual regard to the actual results achieved. This approach has worked well for SEO Companies all over the world, but at what cost to their Clients?

Meet, a new SEO Company that plans on changing the way SEO is done. This fresh new Start-Up based out of Miami is betting on a new Pay-For-Performance model that is completely based on a Patent-Pending, Accountable, Measurable, Performance-Based SEO Process. Imagine entering into a Contract where your actual Daily Ranking Results on the major Search Engines determine the cost of SEO Services, and where any performance short-falls result in automatic refunds to your Account on a Monthly Basis. "Join the Pay-For-Performance SEO Revolution" invites, having coined the term, or possibly the historical event of "The Pay For-Performance SEO Revolution". Is it really a revolution? Only time will tell, but the concept is certainly extremely attractive and is sure to have Clients lined up to take them up on the offer.