Bedfordshire, UK, March 19 2010 - Stortext , leading provider of business solutions, is delighted to announce brewery giant Scottish and Newcastle as the latest to benefit from their cutting-edge P2P solution, Omnidox:Accounts.

Recently, Stortext partnered with the UK's leading E-procurement specialists, providing streamlined new Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solutions for their customers. Scottish and Newcastle is just one in a long line of prestigious clients to benefit from Stortext's cloud processing solutions. Others include Britvic, Marks and Spencer and McDonald's Restaurants.

E-procurement allows companies to purchase supplies and services using the internet. It integrates seamlessly into Stortext's outsourced invoice processing services and Omnidox, the Cloud-based invoice authorisation system which receives and authorises invoices in various formats - both digital and hard-copy - before returning to the client's finance system. The service is compatible with all major finance applications including Oracle, Sage and SAP.

This method of invoicing accounts has solved a major headache for Scottish Courage, who handle more than 50,000 delivery notes a week. Since their takeover by Scottish and Newcastle, business has shot skywards - meaning major problems with account handling until Stortext came along. Omnidox provides automated credit control; flexible settlement terms export to back office systems, and hosted document management, alleviating the need for in-house IT. Another benefit is a self-service customer portal, reducing inbound calls and increasing staff productivity. The result has been huge savings in both time and money.

Scottish Courage has 18 distribution sites and forms one of the largest brewery conglomerates in the UK. The traditional nature of the industry extends to the large variation of account settlement terms - something Omnidox handles with robust efficiency whether they are same-day or bi-monthly.

"It takes a particularly accurate and effective system to handle accounts of this complexity," said Mark Iveson of Stortext. "The sorting, coding and processing of 50,000-odd documents is not a task to be undertaken lightly. Luckily, Omnidox handles it with ease - and even points out the customers who don't settle their tabs on time!"