Lawton, Oklahoma 11, April 2016: Oklahoma native Scott Endsley has been performing locally since 1975, during which time he has written more than 200 unique songs. Influenced by legendary pop/rock/folk outfits including Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Simon and Garfunkel, his music is the perfect blend of folk storytelling and modern musical architecture. As a young adult with a well-paying job and family to feed, Endsley has only recently begun to focus on his music full-time and offers nearly four decades of original music.

The recent musical success of the new album “Winter” is largely the product of the diversity of songs contained within. Of the 23 beautifully crafted tracks on the album, each one has its own poignant message and storytelling narrative. His almost neo-folk sound does a brilliant job of capturing the essence of the root genres, while still managing to sound modern and culturally relevant.

Recorded on Pro Tools throughout the span of nearly 20 years, “Winter” is sort of a treasure trove of Endsley’s prolific career, which is only now being fully realized. Each relative batch of tracks is recorded on different technology ranging from double track cassette recorders to high-tech home studio equipment, which gives the album an almost timeless feel and further lends to its artistic diversity.

Currently content with being part of the circuit of small venues in Oklahoma, Endsley hopes that his new album will be the beginning of attracting a broader audience and larger venues at which to perform. The new release “Winter” is currently available on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and virtually any other mainstream media outlets, and so are his two previous albums “Oblivion Highway” and “Honesty in Motion”. For more information on Scott Endsley and his expansive, yet budding music career, visit .

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