Operating as a precision engineering company in the Energy Capital of Europe is not easy. It is literally cut throat completion out there with so many service providers vying for projects from the oil and gas drilling organizations. Aberdeen has been home to a flourishing economy based on the oil production from the UK Continental Shelf also known as the UKCS. According to official reports, that’s 38 billion oil barrels already extracted and a capacity of another 15-25 billion barrels. Considering this, there is a continuous demand for industry supplies like short batch and repeat turned and milled parts including CNC milling machines as well as sub assemblies. So, a company that is involved in manufacturing precision engineering tools and equipments has a great prospect in this city, provided they continue to perform at their best.


Products that a precision engineering company can offer

As an organization that supplies high quality precision engineering tools to the oil and gas exploration companies in Aberdeen, there can be a range of products that can be offered. Sub contract CNC milling machines as well as turning machines are the most popularly demanded equipments. Sub spindle, EDM machines, grinding and polishing machines and manual machines are also available. All of these equipments are upgraded from time to time. A good precision engineering company will also be able to offer custom made tools. This can be the specialty of a few companies as not all of them will have the expertise or the technology to offer products according to the demands of the customer.


Support services offered by precision engineering companies

Quality machines and tools like CNC milling machines can be manufactured only with the support of expert of precision engineers. And, this is where the difference lies between the good and the better. If your organization falls under the category of a ‘good’ company, and you would rather like to scale up the performance then the best way to do that would be to ensure that is to get skilled and qualified engineers in your team. Technical support or consultancy services are in huge demand.


So, if a precision engineering company want to explore these areas then it is best that they invest in their human resources as much as they do in machineries. Practices can only be improved when the people in an organization are ready to implement them. Innovative technologies, processes and solutions are being thought of in order to meet the challenges of the tough working conditions. The oil and gas industry in Aberdeen can be divided into a few broad categories such as engineering consultation, exploration and production, manufacturing, oilfield services and sub-sea technology. Now, a company has the opportunity to explore any of these sectors. Now, these four sectors are not independent of each other but are interdependent.


Hence, even if an organization is providing machineries like CNC milling machines for a particular sector, the rest of the sectors are automatically affected with the quality of the product and service offered. To maintain goodwill and good working relations for long-term benefits a precision engineering company needs to adhere to the quality and compliance requirements in a stringent manner. 

A   precision engineering company    operating in Aberdeen can either provide machineries like  CNC milling machines   or offer technical support and consultation.