With all of the major political parties having revealed their manifestos and proposed education policies in the run up to the election, Staffordshire-based schoolwear specialist, Clothing4 Schools, pledges to continue improving its high quality schoolwear portfolio for schools across Burton upon Treat and Tamworth, regardless of election outcomes.

Staffordshire, UK
With the 2015 general elections days away and with all parties having outlined their education policies, the lives of all working within education and families with school-age children are set to be potentially affected.  The Conservatives have very publicly pledged to implement 500 new free schools, should they win the election.  Not necessarily in agreement with free schools, Labour has revealed that, should it win the election, it will cap tuition fees at £6,000 and ensure that all teachers are qualified.  The Liberal Democrats vow to protect school budgets from cuts and to channel more money to disadvantaged school children, along with providing free childcare for all two year olds. UKIP promises more grammar schools and the scrapping of sex education for children aged under 7, whilst the Greens state that they’ll end performance-related pay for teachers.

Although the winning party will undoubtedly spell significant ramifications for parents and schoolchildren across the Staffordshire region, Clothing4 Schools pledges to continue to improve upon it’s already broad array of quality uniforms for Burton upon Trent and Tamworth schools and academies.  

Clothing4 Schools Director, Clive Wilmot, commented; “With the uncertainty of election outcomes, Clothing4 Schools pledges to continue to expand as a reliable supplier of high quality school uniforms for schools across the region.  With more schools coming on-board each month, with our constantly improving online schoolwear shop, and having recently opened our new Tamworth schoolwear shop, we now provide a one stop schoolwear shop that is second to none”.  Mr Wilmot added; “Being part of a larger national provider of corporate uniforms and affiliation to the largest schoolwear manufacturer in Europe puts Clothing4 Schools at the forefront of the region’s schoolwear market and we pledge to expand our selection of schools this year whilst keeping choice, quality, value and customer care at the forefront of our business”.

As schools, teachers and parents await the election outcomes and how the winning party will put their stamp on the UK’s education system, parents can browse and buy the entire range of schoolwear for many Burton upon Trent and Tamworth schools at Clothing4 School’s online schoolwear shop which can be found at www.clothing4schools.com.


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