A North American school travel service operator recently published a piece on their website where they detail some of the benefits young people, and teenagers in particular, can get from travelling abroad on school tours.

According to a survey conducted by the company in question, teenagers who have partaken in trips abroad with their schools have attested to an increase in self-confidence, language skills and worldview. This is particularly true of children and teenagers who took part in programmes involving volunteering or charity work, data from the study also shows.

In addition to these personal gains derived from the trips and the experiences comprised within, the company in question considers the act of fundraising the money for the trip — a common practice in countries such as the UK and US — is also beneficial for the students’ development, as it provides them with essential life skills that can prove important later in life. As such, some school travel service providers offer fundraising programmes alongside their volunteering or school tour programmes, although this practice is far from widespread.

The practice of taking school trips abroad, whether to spend a break in a major world capital or to do volunteer work in a developing country has been becoming more popular in recent years. The study in question shows that adhesion to this sort of programme continues to be on the up and up, with many of the packages offered by school travel service operators meeting with considerable interest and quickly booking up. This is partially due to the fact that, to add to the personal gains detailed above, students also stand to benefit a lot from the didactic aspect of a field trip; it has been proven that learning ‘on location’ benefits memorisation and gives the subject under analysis context, allowing children to absorb it better.

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