A Canadian journalist has recently considered school travel companies are changing the standard for field trips and international tours, by making them more exciting and appealing to youngsters.

Writing on the website of The Province, a newspaper from the British Columbia region of Canada, the reporter stated that the efforts of these types of companies are causing young people to display a growing interest in international study trips when compared to a few decades ago. According to the same writer, this is because the packages offered by many modern school travel companies possess a wealth of exciting options and opportunities that students from 40 or 50 years ago did not have access to.

This new and exciting type of school trip, says the writer, is also having an effect on the way young people define objectives for their future. The piece mentions that many teenagers and young adults are now including world travel on their ‘bucket list’ of destinations, as opposed to those of decades past who tended to not stray too far from their own communities.

The article goes on to speculate on the reasons that make international travel so popular among the younger generations. Experts quoted by the writer state that there is a slight skew in favour of girls over boys in the overall target demographic for school travel companies, and explain that this might have to do with a desire to broaden their circle of acquaintances and escape the peer pressures common among girls that age. For young men, this friendship aspect is also considered to be very important, being a part of any child’s formative experience.

Furthermore, the author states, partying and having fun are no longer the sole reasons behind embarking on this sort of trip. Rather, young people choose to take study trips abroad to volunteer or learn a language, explaining the increasing popularity of places such as India or certain African countries as destinations for school tours.

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