April 2, 2015
Serial entrepreneur Leon Jay, founder and CEO of the hugely popular internet marketing platform FusionHQ has proven that lightening can indeed strike twice with the release of his latest innovation – SendFish.

So, what exactly is SendFish? SendFish works as simple, one-click setup software. Opt-in pages are easily created using an intuitive step-by-step, drag and drop process. This revolutionary system removes the need for years of coding and design experience, significantly lowering the barrier of entry into the often confusing world of online marketing.

Users wanting to add their own styling will be thrilled to know that SendFish allows complete customization of your opt-in pages. Simply open SendFish and it gives you a variety of easy to set-up tools with full editing functionality, making adding or changing images, video and text a mere formality.

Building your mailing list is also simplified significantly by SendFish. This feature allows easy building and managing of your mailing lists, some of the most crucial elements of your online business.

SendFish Can Go Anywhere With You

Yes, SendFish is fully optimized for smartphone and tablet use . It gives you the freedom to work on your business when you want, wherever you want and makes your opt-in pages available to a much larger potential customer base. Sendfish employs powerful mail servers that easily handles all broadcast mail, delivering your message to everyone at precisely the same time.

The incorporated free Autoresponder, an industry first, allows the delivery of pre-written email in a set sequence to make your marketing strategy more effective. Additionally, SendFish supports 3rd party integration, so you can integrate to your own hosting or dedicated SMTP and import/ export your lists.

SendFish is the perfect solution to build lists, send emails and achieve better marketing results in your online business. The online marketing space is very competitive, but by using the latest technological and innovative software you can give yourself that much needed edge over your competition.

Best of all, the SendFish ‘Guppy’ package is available totally free at www.sendfish.net

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