Date 10 June Gurgaon: Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder characterized by less hemoglobin and fewer red blood cells in your body than normal. Hemoglobin is an oxygen-carrying blood cell, low hemoglobin and fewer red blood cells of thalassemia may cause anemia, leaving you fatigued. Sometimes in case of mild thalassemia, treatment can be skipped but in case of the severe onset of the disease, you may need regular blood transfusions. It is a pressing issue that in countries like Sweden, Ethiopia, Kenya and many more have seen an acute rising in the newborn thalassemia children. With the increase of such births in India, an initiative has been taken to treat patients with thalassemia with the utmost medical care.

According to Bone marrow transplant and hematology expert Dr. Rahul Bhargava, a few years back from today there were only limited bone marrow transplants centers in India but the situation is comparatively different now. The number of hematologists is working extensively in order to provide the best possible thalassemia treatment at an affordable price. He further adds that if people with thalassemia stop producing children of their own as there are a 25% chances if one of the parents is affected and 50 % chances if both the parents are affected with thalassemia. This can significantly help to reduce the thalassemia patient ratio in the total population globally. Sometimes people are not aware of the symptoms of thalassemia, so it for the best if they get tested before getting married.

A fetus can be checked for thalassemia in the mother’s womb in India in an affordable cost which is far less than the treatment money a parent would be spending after the birth of the child. Thalassemia patient needs a blood transfusion every six months, Dr. Rahul Bhargava is helping people in large scale by spreading more and more information and providing low-cost thalassemia treatment in India.

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