(Free Pressrelease) Most offices depend heavily on their printers, thus making it crucial to develop a quality and economical Continuous Ink System (CIS) to meet evolving demands. Every time your printers stop working, even if for a few minutes, the productivity of the entire office is hampered. These offices generally have to replace their printer ink cartridges after their cartridges have been depleted of their ink. This is not only the waste of your precious time, but purchasing new cartridges also turns out to be very expensive over time. A better approach is to use Continuous Ink System, also known as Continuous Flow System (CFS), to save on time and keep overhead costs as low as possible. Many professional printing establishments and other businesses are now using this product in their offices. It is also quickly developing a rapport with general consumers due to its ability to dramatically increase overall printing quality, capacity and efficiency.

The spokesperson of www.CISinks.com informed us more about this exiting system. He said that by using a CIS, it is possible to provide an unlimited supply of ink to your standard inkjet printer. Unlike the standard cartridges of an inkjet, a CIS provides as much as 5x the amount of ink and comes at a fraction of the cost of a set of official cartridges. Besides the “cost” factors, there are also several technical advantages of using a CIS over the conventional standalone cartridges.

Conventional cartridges have very low ink-containing capacity. Usually they cannot hold inks any larger than 10ml to 15ml in volume. In a professional printing business 10ml of ink can be used up in a matter of days. A Continuous ink system allows you to refill the ink reservoirs even while the printing job is in progress. Not to mention that they can hold as much as 7 cartridges full of ink when full. They are an essential tool for heavy printing jobs.

Another problem with conventional cartridges is that they can possibly affect the alignment of the print-head every time they are replaced. Not to mention that they also need to be checked for reprinting by drawing out a small amount of ink, thus forcing your cartridges to lose ink before you even begin printing your documents. There are no such concerns with the Continuous Ink System.

The CIS involves installation of customized print cartridges that are supplied with ink by ink reservoirs. These systems use a flexible tubing to feed the ink to the cartridges. The reservoirs are stored outside the printer and they do not need to be handled after proper installation until a refill of ink is required.

Most of the medium and large sized businesses prefer to modify their printers and retro-fit them with continuous ink system because of all the benefits associated with using a CIS. It is great for improving efficiency and saving money.

CISinks.com is one of the most popular and reputed venders of Continuous Ink Systems and refill ink solutions. They are also known for providing the best quality of bulk refill ink for refilling ink systems and refillable cartridges. Besides bulk ink and inking solutions, the company also provides other products such as vacuum syringes to help users adjust to the many different applications that a CIS can be used for.

They provide specific solutions for every major brand of inkjet printers.

About CISinks.com

CISinks.com is a well-known online retailer that provides ink solutions for users of inkjet printers that are looking for a more efficient method of printing. The ink products provided by CISink.com are completely refillable and eliminate the need to purchase more expensive and non-refillable cartridges. They offer different products for different brands and models of inkjet printers and can handle both retail and bulk orders.

The company is reputed for providing excellent quality ink and renowned customer service. It is important to choose a company based not only on the quality of their product, but in the manner in which they take care of their customers and respond to their needs. CISinks.com strives not only to provide a quality product, but to ensure that their customers are ultimately pleased and satisfied with their experience. Many of their customers rave about how much time and money is saved by using one of their ink solutions; and some can't believe they didn't start using a CIS from CISinks.com sooner!

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