The days of making papad manually are gone. Kirtiraj Equipment brings to its customers the finest papad making machines that are available in fully automatic, semi automatic and manual modes.

The journey of the company has been marvellous till now. 32 years’ experienced in the field, customers can rely on this papad machine company and expect the very best from them. Quite recently, they launched the fully automatic machine and the respected director said, “The fully automatic machine will be highly beneficial for the papad industries and also the restaurants that serve authentic Indian food. We are proud to finally come up with this automatic machine. It can be customized as per the user’s choice of the thickness of the papad and we are sure that it would produce some of the best papads you have ever tasted.”

One of the main reasons why this papad making machine manufacturer has become a worldwide success is because they have consistently made the best papad making machines and their quality has never dropped even for a single year. In fact, their price is also cheaper than the rest of the companies that are into making such kind of machines. Also, the fact that they do not make any other machine apart from this makes them focus on the papad making to the fullest. They have reached many other countries all over the world such as Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, UK and USA. There is no doubt about the machines they have come up with over the years and users will find it really easy to operate.

The company manufactures a huge variety of machines, which will make papad making a child’s play. They not only have the final cutting and processing machine, but also the dough mixing machine, combine machine, flour kneading machine, sheet making machine, roll making machine and cutting machine. Depending on the requirement of the customer, the user can choose from all these varieties. A good thing about the company is they provide full guarantee for the product they are selling. This keeps the customers on the safe side.

About the company: The makers have often talked about the design and stature of the machines from this company. They are of the opinion that the machines have the ability to withstand constant pressure for many years. In short, the company has made, are making and will continue to make world class papad making machines. So, customers can stop looking elsewhere and use the machines from this company and enjoy the automated technology that they have used.

Company Info:
Company name: Kirtiraj Equipment

Contact person:
Address: Capital Compound, Loteshwar Bhagol, Near Petrol Pump,
Anand - 380001, Gujarat, India
Telephone: 09427610551
E-mail: [email protected]