Not a lot of women know this, but when you want to turn to a cheap lace wig in order to change your look, the first option you need to take into account is not the one with a full lace base. This is a material that costs a lot of money and it will add to the price of the hair piece so if you want to get the same results for a lower price, lace is not ideal.


Looking amazing is a goal for every woman, but going bankrupt in the process if not the option you need to take into account. If you want to save money with a lace wig, you need to be sure you go for the right option. Since human hair is very expensive, it is out of the question so we will talk about the synthetic wigs you are able to go for instead.


Every element that goes into a lace wig will add to the final price and the base is a major part of the hair piece. As it was pointed out afore, the lace is one of the options that will cost a lot of money to use and it will be one of the most expensive choices you make. It will offer a lot of freedom, but it is also very frail and it can tear with little effort.


Instead of the full lace you can choose the lace fronts, because they come at a much lower price. The front of the wig is made of lace in order to keep the forehead clear of any trace that you would be wearing a hair piece, but the sides and the back are made of another material similar to PVC, much stronger, yet not so out of sight as the lace.


This is one of the reasons why you do not have the same kind of freedom with the lace fronts, since you will not be able to pull your hair up because the sides of the base will show. But since a lot of women want to wear long wigs because their hair is not able to grow so much, the PVC base will not be exposed since they can wear the hair down.


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A lace wig needs to help you look your best, but it does not have to cost a fortune. If you want to save money with the hair pieces you are going for, the first option you need to take into account is the lace fronts and thus you will be able to have the long hair you have always been dreaming off and you will pay a very low price for it.