Savdhaan India all set to make viewers cautious about misuse of technology

Technologies are devised for doing easier the things which men used to do manually. With growing time, various technologies were created and implemented with the result; people became used to of these techniques. But there are such culprits also who do misuse of such rewards and put questions of authenticity. Savdhaan India, a television show aims to make people savdhaan of such unwanted situations.
Please be ready to watch real stories on misuse of technology in Savdhan India, the popular show who received tremendous response from viewers. With a view to refresh the unforgettable real life stories, Star Utsav is bringing back most acclaimed episodes on television.
Diya Shenai reaches college and is shocked as her friend Rohit shows her MMS in his cell phone about which she has no idea. Her brother yells at her and her father imprisons her in their own house. Diya's parents start avoiding her because of the humiliation in the society. Diya reports in police station about her MMS. After investigation, the police find out that her friend Rohit made the MMS using Diya's face.

Watch this story only on Star Utsav every Sunday at 03.30 p.m. ,
Starting from 25th May 2014.
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